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Properties of covalent compound

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The properties below are for simple covalent molecules :

bulletThe electrical forces of attraction, that is the chemical bond (also known as intramolecular bond), between atoms in any molecule are strong and most molecules do not change chemically on moderate heating.
bulletHowever, the electrical forces between molecules (i.e. the inter-molecular forces) are weak and easily weakened further on heating.
bulletConsequently the bulk material is not usually very strong.
bulletConsequently small covalent molecules tend to be volatile liquids, easily vapourised, or low melting point solids.
bulletOn heating, the inter-molecular forces are easily overcome with the increased kinetic energy gain of the particles and so have low melting and boiling points.
bulletThey are also poor conductors of electricity because there are no free electrons or ions in any state to carry electric charge.
bulletMost small molecules will dissolve in a solvent to form a solution.